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Brand: MONO Model: MONO Doolittle Guitar Strap GRY M80-DLT-GRY guitar strap
The Doolittle strings are a simple and refreshing design. With a look and feel that is sure to make it a classic for generations to come, Dolittle uses a 2-inch-wide cotton reinforced woven band designed to wear well over time. fit the wearer and make it more comfortable as you get older Clean lines..
Ex Tax:TH0.00
Brand: MONO Model: Mono M80-BTY-ASH-L
Product detailsBrand MonomodelM80-BTY-ASH-L Betty Neck Cable - Long2010sline list..
Ex Tax:TH1,600.00
Brand: MONO Model: MONO Warsaw Guitar Strap GRY M80-WAR-GRY guitar strap
The same indestructible nylon webbing from car seat belts is used as the main material in Warsaw guitar strings. The smooth, slippery and soft feel of the seat belt for a comfortable playing experience like no other. The alternating vertical weaving creates a metallic luster when handled and reflect..
Ex Tax:TH1,400.00
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