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Brand: SEIKO Model: Seiko SAT100
Seiko SAT100 Guitar & Bass Tuner Features Selectable Auto-tuning, manual-tuning, and sound modes. Wide tuning range: Tunes Low B strings on Guitar & Bass. Very wide range of reference tones (from Bass Low B, to one octave above guitar's Hi E). Adjustable calib..
Ex Tax:TH450.00
Brand: SEIKO Model: Seiko SAT500
about the productGuitar Tuner SEIKO Sat500 Guitar/Bass Tuner  featureSelect auto/manual and sound mode.Wide tuning range for bass guitar and drop tuning.12 offering reference notes (C4_B4)Adjustable Calibration (415, 435_446hz, in 1hz increments)Key Transpose for editing tools (C, Eb, F, Bb)bui..
Ex Tax:TH550.00
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