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Brand: Remo Model: Remo 13" Snare Side, Hazy Drum Head
Technical SpecificationsPowder/Resonant: ResonantSize: 13"Clear/Coated: ClearThickness: 3mil (1 ply)Manufacturer Part Number: SA-0113-00-..
Ex Tax:TH440.00
Brand: Remo Model: Remo Ambassador Bass Drumhead - 22"
Remo's Coated Ambassador bass drum head, considered by many to be the industry standard. It offers a great balance of attack and tone - all at an amazing low price! The Coated Ambassador drumhead is made from a single layer of 10 million Mylar, which is treated for a warmer attack. which perfectly c..
Ex Tax:TH1,620.00
Brand: Remo Model: REMO BD-0316-00
Details of the drum leather Remo BA-0316-001 drum shoeLeather film Mylar 10 mm.bassSize 16 inchescoordinateshas a warm tone..
Ex Tax:TH560.00
Brand: Remo Model: Remo BR-1222-00
The Smooth White ™ Ambassador® drum pads are renowned for classic projection and attack sound. Very open, classic sound, consistency and incredible reliability are what make the Remo® Smooth White ™ Ambassador® the choice for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for many marching drum manufacturers..
Ex Tax:TH1,050.00
Brand: Remo Model: Remo Coated Ambassador Drumhead - 13"
At : 7872- Drumhead diameter: 13 inches- Drum head type: coated- Drum head type : Coated- Drumhead diameter: 13 inches..
Ex Tax:TH640.00
Brand: Remo Model: Remo P30113-BP Coated Powerstroke 3
About this item13" diameter snare/tom drum headFeatures a thin underlay at the outer edge of the head to subtly dampen high frequency overtonesNear-perfect balance of response and tone controlOne of Remo's most preferred drumheads..
Ex Tax:TH620.00
Brand: Remo Model: Remo Power Max PM-1018-MP 18
This is the perfect bass drum head out of the box and onto the court. The Remo PowerMax 18" smooth-walking bass drum head features a single layer of 10mm extra white film with a 7.5mm pad and a floating internal silencer ring. This mute ring focuses on attack and volume while..
Ex Tax:TH1,500.00
Brand: Remo Model: Remo Power Stroke 3 P3-0314-C2- 14
The Clear Powerstroke®3 features a thin underlay at the outer edge of the head to subtly dampen unwanted overtones. This creates a near-perfect balance of response and tone control that has quickly made Powerstroke 3 one of Remo’s most preferred drumheads. ..
Ex Tax:TH650.00
Brand: Remo Model: Remo PS-0310-00-11
Remo Pinstripe Clear Heads are made with two 7-mil Mylar plies. The space outside of the “pinstripe” is filled with a measured ring-reducing agent to dampen unwanted high frequency overtones.Pinstripe Clears have a quick decay and a fat, midrange tone that makes them popular in Pop and Rock genres...
Ex Tax:TH560.00
Brand: Remo Model: Remo PS-0312-00 12
Description– Size: 12″ clear– For: tom drum skin, top (beat side)– Structure: 7+7 mm. thick film layer (2 layers film) with a ring layer sandwiched between two layers of leather.– Sound: Provides a lower range than Emperor models. The resulting sound is short, clear, and thick.– Suitable for “fat” s..
Ex Tax:TH620.00
Brand: Remo Model: REMO PS-0313-00 Drum Head 13" Clear Pinstripe
SpecificationsTwo Plies7-mil Mylar Film (14-mil Total)Measured Ring Reduction AgentDampened OvertonesMidrange ToneShort Sustain..
Ex Tax:TH640.00
Brand: Remo Model: Remo PS-0316-00
- Top snare leather sheet, size 16"-A layer of transparent film, thickness 7+7 mm. (2 layers film), 1st floor, amusement park in the middle between the layers. Gives a short, thick sound.- Likes to play music genres of Pop, Rock, R&B.-Made in USA, 100% genuine, predicted, full refund...
Ex Tax:TH740.00
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