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Brand: MEINL Model: Meinl 12 Practice PAD
12 inch drum practice padProduct information "MEINL Cymbals Practice Pad - 12" (MPP-12)"The MEINL MPP-6 6" Pad is perfect for drummers on the go, due to the small pocket size. The MEINL MPP-12 12" pad is made for quiet practicing on a snare drum and it can even mount in a standard snare stand. ...
Ex Tax:TH1,550.00
Brand: MEINL Model: Meinl 14 MCS Medium Hihat
Rock-pop styleTimbreBright Powerful character, full range, high volume, medium, sustainable, medium, weight, medium, traditional finish, material B8 lathe, wide blade...
Ex Tax:TH3,744.00
Brand: MEINL Model: Meinl 14 New Player Cymbag Grass HCS (HSC141620)
Product detailsCymbals set size 14" Hi-Hat , 16" , 20" (Made in Germany)Complete The HCS Complete cymbal set includes a pair of 14” hihats, 16” crash and 20” rides from the MS63 alloy HCS series. These cymbals are manufactured to the highest manufacturing standards and come with a 2-year warranty. I..
Ex Tax:TH5,940.00
Brand: MEINL Model: Meinl 8 HCS Splash
PERFECT FOR A FAST, GLOW ACCENT: The Meinl HCS 8″ splash provides an immediate, vivid response with a short treatment that works as a great accent to round out your drum kit. Beat the cymbal to emphasize the groove on your drum. to get an active sound..
Ex Tax:TH680.00
Brand: MEINL Model: Meinl HCS18CH - 18" HCS China
Product details:Size : 18"Features : MS63 Alloy , Specially , Great valueCymbals : ShinGenre: ThinMusic Genre: Rock, PranExpert : low-mediumLesson : Short studyTimbre : Dream-BrightVolume : to lowMachine: wide bladeSampeng : evening to shortMaterial : MS63 UpSonnet : TraditionalShaping : Pressure po..
Ex Tax:TH1.00
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