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Marshall Code 50 amp details

  • It's a solid-state digital amp.
  • Power 50 watts
  • One 12 inch speaker
  • Number of effects 24 types (5 types can be used at the same time)
  • There is a built-in creep effect.
  • EQ can be adjusted to 3 sound bands.
  • The control panel has a 3-band EQ dial, GAIN, VOLUME,
  • PRE FX, AMP, MOD, DEL, REV, POWER, CAB buttons are pressed.
  • Amp Modeling is an amp simulation system.
  • There are 14 preamps, 4 poweramps, and 8 speaker cabinets.
  • 1 x 0.25 inch jack cable
  • 1 x 0.125 inch Aux in
  • 1 x 0.125 inch headphone jack
  • 1 USB port, Mini-B type
  • 1 foot switch socket, size 0.25 inches (use with model PEDL-91009, need to buy more)
  • Connect to a computer via USB and Bluetooth, supports both Android and iOS systems.
  • Size 530 x 440 x 280 mm.
  • Weight 13 kg.

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