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Ibanez AK80-BS

Ibanez AK80-BS
Ibanez AK80-BS


Body material : flamed maple back and sides

Top: spruce

Bridge : ART 1

Bridge materiel : Rosewood

Hardware color : Chrome

Finishes : gloss


Tuners: Die-case

Neck type : Artcore

Neck joint : set-in

Neck material : Mahogany

Fingerboard : Bound Rosewood

Inlays : pearl dot

Frets : 20 large frets

Scale length : (628mm)

Width at nut : (43mm)

Width last fret : (58.5mm)

Thickness 1st fret : (20mm)

Thickness 12th fret : (26.5mm)

Radius : (305mm)


Neck PU : ACH1 humbucker

Bridge PU : ACH2 humbucker

Controls : 2 volume, 2 tone, 3-way toggle selector

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